Artistic Expression

Sahar jabr

From Nature's Embrace to Artistic Creation

Sahar is a felt artist who draws inspiration from her experiences and the natural world. Mixing merino wool, silk, water and soap, she uses these ancient materials and process to create unique art pieces that are expressions from her heart.

“My hands have always been the key ingredient of my art. When I hold the wool in my hands and spread its fibers, I recall the animals it came from and the people who have been doing the same practice for thousands of years. It takes me back beyond my 37 years as a dentist to my childhood, when I used my fingers freely without fear and often without thinking, filled with amazement and love for myself and the world around me.
Felting is a return to simplicity. And by returning to the basics, I consider it a direct expression of myself and the energy I put into the creative process. Each piece is different and a result of the feelings and ideas I had at that given moment.”


Sahar Jabr’s studio is located at the Pacific Grove Art Center and she is member of the International Felt Makers Association

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